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Re: Siskiyou Design Reels.


I do not have the answer to your question. How some
ever, will go to Siskiyou Design and get the info. Your
100% about the looks and workmanship of these reels.
This company specializes in precision medical and industry
equipment. Their reels are machined and finished to the
highest standards. The old saying, "You get what you pay for".
Some guys invest in expensive rods and pay conservative
prices for reels, others are just the opposite. Whatever
turns your crank. I guess in some incidents its a matter of
bragging rights. If you ever get an opportunity to examine
one of these reels, do so, you will like what you see. I own
one of their reels and it looks alot like the Hardy Cascapedia.
Their workmanship and tooling far excede the Hardy reel.
Also own a Hardy and enjoy it as well. As a matter of fact
I fish the heck out of both of them. Well Doug, nuff said.

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