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Default Re: Do I Need A Special Rod For Alaska?

Originally Posted by caseywise View Post
my ak rod selection usually is this-

7'9" 4 weight for smaller stream char and bows
9' 5 weight for char and bows on bigger water and for grayling
9' 8 weight for all salmon except chinook
9' 9 weight for chinook

and, as ard mentioned, i would go 9' 10 or 11 weight for kenai river chinook
and bear spray. casey
That's bit light for everything except the grayling. I use heavier rods primarily, b/c you never know what you'll hook.

4-5 wt is fine for grayling and dolly varden
6-7 wt for bows and char
9 wt for silvers and sockeyes
11-12 wt for Togiak kings and a 14-16 wt for Kenai monsters

Pack rods are my fav, only b/c I've mashed too many in screen doors and trunk lids. Most I've designed and built myself from Lamiglass (up to 7wt) and Fisher (8-16) blanks. I still prefer my Wes Jordan 8-wt bamboo for just about any big-water trout or steelhead, coupled with a Hardy Husky silent drag.
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