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Default Re: World record distance WF 5wt?

In my younger days, I used to be able to cast a 5wt about 90 ft without too much trouble. Mind you this was an A&F shorty rod made by Philipson (1968).

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There are several things to note about this list.

Casts shorter than 90 feet or 30 meters do not impress Chaprelis. Most of us are in that end of the scale. And ordinary WF-line is 85-90 feet or some 27 meters long. Only the minority of fly anglers can cast out a whole line.
Casts longer than 160 feet or 50 meters are for the super elite in casting, and nothing that anybody will obtain under normal fishing conditions.
Casts longer than 190 feet or 60 meters are very rare. Even with specially tuned casting gear.

Jim and I worked together for many years and continued as good friends long afterwards, until he died. That was his passion - distance casting. We used to match each other in distance and accuracy contests at least once or twice a year at the Lincoln Park Casting Club in Chicago. Jim was the best caster I ever met and there will never be another one like him. Now that you've got the entire line out on the water - try setting the hook!
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