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Default Re: The Adventures of Mike and Curtis - Part I

Originally Posted by The Full Creel
[img2="left"][/img2]One summer day Mike, Curtis and this cute young blonde in a brown bikini went fly fishing the coast for redfish. As usual, Mike has a little too much to drink. He gets up to get another beer, loses his balance and falls out of the boat. The young blonde says, " What should we do?" Curtis says, "You better jump in after him, he's been under water for a while, he might need some help." So she jumps in, and after some time, she surfaces. She says, "Curtis, help me get him in the boat." They wrestle Mike back into the boat (he is a big ol boy you know). The girls says, "Oh no... what do we do now, it doesn't look like he's breathing." Curtis says, "You'd better give him mouth to mouth, cuz I sure aint" So she then puts her mouth over Mik'es mouth and starts to blow air into into his cold body. She soon sets up and says, "Whoa, I don't remember Mike having such bad breath." Curtis says, "Come to think of it, I don't think Mike was wearing a three piece suit, either."
I have seen him in a two piece ballet outfit but not a suit.
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