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Talking Re: Bob Clouser Pattern Swap, Spring 2012

i've tied nothing all winter long.

my old buddy Jay says the Clouser is pretty good in Alaska and why don't i tie some just to get started again

so what the heck.
i'm in.

may take an act of congress to get going again.

but i like tying Clouser minnows. got lots of stuff to tie them with.

i'm in


the minnow in the picture above me is beautiful. not only a Clouser but classic tying at its best.
i would love to have a dozen of them for myself, maybe we can work something out.

just read your addendum , i use a little bit of red for gills also.

what is the wing material?

i'll probably use Caribou,
i'l have to go on you tube to figure out how to tie Clousers , i've forgotten how i used to do them
i know i used some mono bond thread i got from Thompson's, i think they no longer have any mono thread.

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