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OK... pictures. Now... I don't know what your computer skill level is so I'll make this explanation pretty basic. First of all, the image that you are wanting to post must already be on some web site. We are just going to transfer the image to the forum by the use of HTML. OK... Now... When you click on "New Topic" or "Post a Reply" it will open a new message page. Near the top of the new message page is a set of 9 buttons. The second from the last button is titled "Img". Click on "Img" then type in the photo's URL, then click "Img" again. That's all there is to it.

How do you get the photo's URL? (many would ask) Just go to the photo on the web site and right click on it. It will open a menu. Near the bottom of this menu it will read "properties". Click on properties and it will open a window that will contain some info including the URL of that photo. Copy the URL and past it to your post.

For example: the title banner at the top of this page has the following URL -

I hope this helps. Please let me know if I can hep any further.

Thanks for all of your help with the forum!!!


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