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Default Re: tapered leader became a knotted leader...

Thanks for the advice. I think that it is a result of not staying on the same plane and not waiting for the line to straighten out before casting again.

When i cast and the line goes into a rolling loop, should i wait for it to completely straighten out or should i cast the other direction while it is finishing the rolling loop? i read something that i interpereted as saying to cast the other direction while the line is still in the rolling loop.

Another question if you don't mind, when i do actually wait for the line to straighten out before casting the other direction it seems to want to drop to the ground. is this a result of what guy said by over bending my wrist? i tried to start with out any wrist movement at all, and then gradually add the "snap" as i thought i was improving.

thanks for all the help, i'm really enjoying learning this sport, i hope i will be able to pick up my spinning rod again....
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