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Default Do You Use an Net / An Catch An Release

I am a catch an release guy, I like to guide my fish to my side slide my hand to the fly pop it out an let my fish swim off untouched unharmed an to catch another day. I haven't used a net in I don't know the last time. With that said I was out on one of my local rivers here in the Shenandoah Valley last week when out of the corner of my eye I saw what I thought to be a stout rainbow every bit 30" so I took a double take an started casting to this beast of a fish. After about an hour an several different flies I called it quits. Well today here where I'm @ was a great day to hit the locals with the weather being what it was the fish were out moving around i worked my way up to my hole now this is the set up for this hole DEEP..... you have to walk a rock ledge this is just barely wide enough for you to scoot your feet up an find an good solid perch to start your casting I managed to get all the way out to the end of this ledge an it was on casting up stream big #4 4x long Golden Retriever letting it sink to the bottom an letting the current work the line an fly back to me an me picking up the slack. I took 3 carp 2 bass. I threw again same as before working it slowly back to me about 12' out Bam It Was On my line went tight I set the hook rod went in the air, next thing I knew my rod tip hit the water an my line was rip out of my hand. I had him he came screaming out of the water an good flying leap low an behold it was an behold it was a Brown an not a rainbow that i saw the other day, that sucker hit the water an screamed upstream stripping line off my rod. It was all I could do to just hold on an wait. After a good 15 min fight I had him back to my perch on the abyss as i bent over to shove my hand into his gill he shook me loose. This was the first time I had ever wanted a net to land a fish, my heart was racing I was shaking I just stood there in total disbelief. This was a Brown trout that was every bit 30+" an trout of a life time. So i'm curious how many of you guys use or don't use nets an do you practice catch an release? An yes I did borrowed a net from a buddy @ my local fly shop because its on @ first light an if i land this pig again pictures will be posted.

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