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Default Re: Brown Trout in the Red River Gorge


It's not bad fishing from Febuary to mid May. After that however all the corn and worm folks come out and devastate the population (KY is a put and take state.) There are some nice holdovers to be had in the early months since most of the streams in the gorge are catch and release from Oct. to April 1st. There are supposed to be some nice brown trout areas (thus this thread), but I've had no luck the couple times I've visited them. Granted, my fishing skills have improved a great deal since then...

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I'll have to try to get some picks of the area to post. If you'd like some pictures of some of the streams, just google Red River Gorge, KY, or go to the Bluegrass chapter of Trout Unlimited to find some information on a East Fork Indian Creek, one of the more prominent streams there.
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