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Default Too Picky????

Hello All:

I am new to the forum and have a bout of conscience. Perhaps a few viewpoints might help. As luck would have it the new girlfriend's folks took to me like a duck t water, but that is another issue. After a visit to their home for the holidays where I had the forethought to bring small but personal gifts, the new cold heat soldered (sic?) for Larry a memeber of the old guard ham radio cruisers. The folks did not know we were coming, but threw a great spread and the left overs went home with us. Anyway here is the issue. My Bday is approaching and the folks and my girlsfriend wanted todo something nice, which they did. She noticed my interest in a 6 wt. for light steelhead and throwing sinking lines for alpha browns. She had a friend acquire an Orvis T3 on ebay as a gift from them all. The trouble is I don't think I like it and was heavily leaning towards the new Sage VT2 or the New Loomis. Has anyone tried the 6 wt tip flex and with what results; and am I just being insane or does confidence in the equipment breed confidence on the water? I think I am crazy because is clawing to get into the closet and she has seen the look before. Thanks and look forward hearing from you...good or bad!
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