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Default Re: Reels to balance a rod?

A Borger is a Borger: Gary Borger Blog Archive Rod Balance
I like Gary Borger, and think he is a class act in the realm of fly fishing. I've also taken the reel off my rod, and cast in my backyard. It was okay, but it wasn't that great. Rod and reel referred to in my first post: Z-Axis 590 and a Ross Evolution 3. It was a fine combo, but when I began using it on the Delaware River, it became tiring. I was casting Clouser Minnows 45-60' for hours. The shoulder that I smashed in a 2002 bicycle race informs me when things aren't working out. I started using an 8'6" 4wt until my shoulder recovered. One day I pulled the Z-Axis out of the quiver (I have a multi-rod quiver/tube ), and slapped an Okuma SLV that happened to be in my Jeep on the rod. I immediately felt that moving the rod through the casting stroke was much easier, and I fished it for hours....for the rest of the summer! I recently bought a couple of Ross Rhythm 3 reels, and dialed in the weight to something between the Evolution and the SLV by using XXX amount of backing (the Rhythm is NOT a heavy reel, but holds more backing than the Evo LT). I do use light reels when fishing 4wts on small and medium streams, but they're another ball game.

Bottom line: I'm not going to abandon what I know works for me. We can discuss physics all day long, but I have a shoulder that knows what it knows... In the article I linked above, Borger tells a story of taking a grossly heavy rod and reel, and then adding lead shot to balance the combo. I don't think that anyone is suggesting that! The question Borger is answering has to do with 3/10ths of an ounce, and not adding lead shot to an already heavy reel.

Borger ends the blog entry by saying:
"I also advise trying a rod with several different line weights at distances that you normally fish before deciding what line to put on a rod. I regularly “underline” rods when I’m casting consistently long or tossing shot and big flies at distance. I “overline” my rods when consistently working short or using extra long leaders, tossing shot and weight nymphs at very close range, etc."

Borger easily dismisses the notion that a reel can balance a rod by saying "At what point?" I could just as easily dismiss his notion of adjusting line weight to the distance cast by saying he's using the wrong rod weight for a particular situation, or that he should take some casting lessons. I'm not suggesting Gary Borger take casting lessons, but I hear that said so often when an angler complains that XXX rod doesn't do well in close or out far. The Borgers, Krehs, et al, make their living from writing articles and speaking. Dispelling "old myths" is one way to create new articles and speaking topics. Fishing isn't all that complicated, and we can decide these issues ourselves. If an author wants to offer something to consider, that's fine. Just don't pass it off as gospel.

Stick your reels on the end of the rod, in your pockets, or up your nose. Just as long as it works for you. The last two sentences are directed at NO ONE PERSON, AND ARE MEANT TO BE A JOKE....except the "whatever works" portion.

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Originally Posted by wjc View Post
The really important thing to balance is the weight of the line being cast to the power of the rod. THAT balance is why there are so many overlining/underlining questions and one that is not possible to answer for another person.
BINGO!!!!! There's only one person on this planet who knows what works best for you. Suggestions can be made, and there are some principles of casting that should be followed (along with sharp hooks, etc), but it all comes down to discovering for yourself. I'm not saying we should all re-invent the wheel, however......
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