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Default Re: Two headed Trout.

I'm not defending the mining company by any means, but the fry were spawned in a lab.

Considering the mortality rate for trout, we know that quite a few fry don't survive anyways. What's not to say that a majority of them have deformations that prevent them from living long in the wild anyway? Can you hypothesize that you don't see a lot of deformed and mutated trout fry in the wild is because they die or are eaten by predators right away?

Now certainly there is a higher incidence of mutations and deformations due to the mining. It's been proven in all species when exposed to heavy metals, but I think the data might be a little skewed. What is the true percentage of deformation when compared to a control group? How many of the fry have developed "mutations" from being spawned in a lab? (think about trout raised in hatcheries that have blunted noses and fin nubs)

Just some thoughts...again, I think that they are destroying the watershed, but "scare tactics" seem to be the norm these days with exaggerations and incomplete data...
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