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Thumbs up Re: Reels to balance a rod?

"It is kinetic energy and not momentum that actually results in the distance of the cast."
Sorry silver but you're explanation is a bit tarnished. We'll have to agree to disagree and that's from a National Physics Honor Society member with a near 4.0 gpa and several graduate degrees..

I will give you this in that the rod does store energy and releases it to the fly line but once the line is moving it's simple momentum that carries things along moderated by the drag of the air, wind, wobble, your tight loop or not, etc.

had you stuck to the first part of this sentance you'd have it right: "Momentum is has a directional component and energy does not. So momentum gives the cast it's direction" momentum also has a linear component as you recall with this: "an object in motion..."

Appreciate the thought though and no need to muddle minds futher as we'll just have to agree to disagree. Here's some easy reading on the double haul from my favorite web fly magazine and information sight. The Double Haul | MidCurrent note the references to momentum! Here's another but this once speaks of being relaxed which pertains directly to a balanced outfit: The Double Haul | MidCurrent

and here's a link I happened to have in my favorites for any doubting my momentum call: (math/physics heavy)
Enjoyed the discussion all!
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