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Default Re: Bending My Wrist

Hmmm... rubber bands... good idea piledriver...

For my casting students who have trouble with severe wrist bending problems, I have them wear a long sleeve shirt and stick the butt of the rod just under their sleave. That holds the wrist pretty firm. They do make special velcro wrist bands just for that purpose. You can also buy velcro straps for wrapping up water hoses and such. You can get these almost anywhere. They will wrap around the wrist and the rod for good support.

OK now let's refresh our memory on my position here. A little wrist bending is not necissarily a bad thing. A lot of wrist building is always a bad thing when it comes to good fly casting. Doug said it best in an earlier post... "Most folks use their wrist when casting ... It's also true that many are not even aware of the wrist's action. For many like me, the snap of the wrist is the power stroke in casting. However, it's critically important that the wrist's movement be controlled within a very narrow angle."

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