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Default Re: Montana Trip Inquiry

Don't rule out the MO...Missouri. If you want to catch Alaska size Trout go to Craig. Most fish per mile than anyother river in MT. Talk to Cross Currents and you can take a jet boat ride up to the Dam in an area the called "Land of the Giants". Or you can just walk down from the Dam and wade fish. Otherwise get a guide and float, 20 fish a float is fairly common when your with someone who knows what they are doing.
During the caddis hatch the Boulder river in Boulder is a lot of fun and some decent size fish too. Caught a 18" Brown in that little river...I couldn't believe it. The Little Blackfoot is also close and offers good fishing. All can done out of Helena...flght, hotel.
Scenery is not as cool as the others listed in case you want the whole "Montana experience"...Boulder River has some cool views though.
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