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Default Re: Which Reel Do You Take?

Well the 2560 is the reel I have at the moment, it claims to be a 6-7wt reel. Does the reel have to match up to the rod wt? Well bottom line is I shouldn't have let the old man pick out my reel and rod, but when he's generous enough to pay top dollar for gifts who's saying no, so what my plan is going to be is to just go back to the store and pick out what I want and what feels good to me.
This board has been great and I look forward to posting on here any fishing excursions I may be going on in the future. Sorry about that Curtis, I will change my signature to something else so as not to confuse any other members. Well I have one final question and that is in regards to reading material. Not necessarily how to stuff, but more along the lines of fictional work, does anybody have any recommendations? Thanks again.

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