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Default Re: Fly Fishing Shenandoah NP

The trip was just awesome! We hiked in from Skyline and stayed at the cabin for a few days. We were able to fish all the way down the river, basically as long as we wanted to hike down. The first day, I went down, in and out to the river from the trail, sometimes thick brush, sometimes the river is close to the trail, but by the time I was done fishing, and started to hike back, I was about 2 hrs. down river! The three of us that went caught probably 20 or so brook trout of various sizes, but none big enough to keep. The biggest were a few 8 inchers that we got, big enough to measure, but not to keep. I remember finding one pool that I fished for probably an hour and got 3 hits in one spot! My beginner skills missed the hit each time, but after each hit I'd cast to another spot and slowly come back to the little spot and get another hit! It was a ton of fun. The backpacking part of the trip was one of the hardest things I've ever done since the hike out is about 1 mile, back up the side of the mountain, but the fishing was just a blast. The stop at the emergency room on the way out of the park is another story, but a week of prednisone and I was back to normal.
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