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Default Re: what is a good but affordable fly line?

If that's an accurate example of some of the **** you gleaned from that book, I suggest you drop it in the trash. Look, I don't mean to sound crumudgeonly but, in my opinion, flyfishing suffers greatly from a malady called 'marketing b.s.', and it annoys the hell out of me. Your backing is probably going to be 20 lb., your flyline at least that, and your tippet somewhere between 2-15 lb test, depending on the conditions/species of fish you're persuing. To imply that you may break fish off because your backing isn't consistent with your leader is nothing but silly. My advise concerning your choice in flyline would be to go with a mid-priced ($45-$50) name brand line (such as Cortland, Scientific Anglers, or numerous others) , and take proper care of it - it should last you for years. And don't get caught up in the current marketing campaign concerning 'specialty' flylines... a simple weight forward floating line is your best starting point. Good luck and welcome to the wonderful world of flyfishing.
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