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Default Need Your Help

I understand that I might be beating a dead horse here so I apologize in advance, but I would like to hear your opinions. Here is my question.

I am looking for a new real for my Fenwick HMG 9' 6wt rod. I will be using it to fish primarily for Smallies and Trout (in no particular order). I currently have a Cabelas SLA reel that I will use for my floating lines, but I want to get an extra spool for my new real to put one sinking and one triangle taper line on each.

I am currently intrigued by the Orvis reels since they are offering a free spool with there BBS and Mid Arbor reels. I like the BBS because of its light weight and I dont imagine I'll be using the drag or putting too many fish on the reel itself.

However, I am also considering the lamson radius. I currently have a Velocity on my 7wt and love it.

I don't want to spend more than $160 for a reel and extra spool since I need to line them as well. I think I can accomplish this with each of these reels.

Anyways I love to hear your feedback. What should I be considering? I'm open to your input. Thanks.
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