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Default Re: Oregon Coastal Steelhead Trip Report w/video

OK, I'm not real tech savvy with the YouTube stuff yet (or this board for that matter). But here is the actual YouTube link:

If I use the "link" button on the message panel here it automatically puts up the video in the message. [Post note: I can't get the pasted link to NOT show the video in the message]. But the link above is direct to YouTube if you cut and paste. Please add any (good) comments on the YouTube site and hit the "like" button if you can! That will really lift the spirits of both my video editor and myself after spending far more hours than expected on the edits ;-)

WANNAFISH -- I used the Contour+ cam. It's really pricey at $500 but it does have the GPS function which is really cool. This is the first time that I figured out how it works and when I uploaded the clips at the end of the day I noticed another screen with the exact point where each clip was taken plotted on 3 different types of maps (topo/satellite/etc). So I now have a record of each bend/run where each fish was hooked (don't tell the guide!).

I now see they have the Contour Roam out which can be purchased for $170 and is totally waterproof (mine is not). No GPS function but I consider that a "nice to have" but not essential. The only downside I can see to the Roam is that it's an internal battery only, ie you can't carry extra batteries for a long day on the water. I carried an extra battery with me on this day but it turned out I didn't need it because I was very careful of not wanting to run out of juice or max out my memory cards. Next time I'll run a bunch more video now that I'm more familiar with battery saving options and estimated run times.

Ooops, I'm supposed to be working right now...

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