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Default Re: The forum list on Muskies, Pike and Tigers!

Here's a list of our forum contributions to the allure of Musky and Pike fishing. Enjoy folks, I know I did!

I've deleted a few of those discussions that have little to no content and keeping the info rich ones! Enjoy!

Pike and Muskie Rods/flies A spirited discussion that goes on for 8 pages with loads of tips and info.

Tiger Muskie Flies must haves Meet Brad Bohen and some great discussion w/pictures.

Using Toothy Critter leader

pike fly rod?

Musky on the Fly Anoter couple great Brad Bohen articles--and info with comments.

Pike on the fly from 7 acre lake Great short report with pics of fish and fly caught in a pond!

Northern Pike Great info including a couple super looking Pike Flies by Diver Dan

Climax Pike Leader...Directions

Reel.. Bass, Northern Maybe even Musky Question

What rod and reel for musky?

new pike/musky setup!!!

Muskie River Fishing

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