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Default Re: When did you start?

Originally Posted by arfishinbear View Post
Cool, and I agree, as a matter of fact at times i catch more on a fly then other bass gear, there is just somehting natural about a fly that crankbaits, worms and spinners just cant match at times. I have been toying with the idea of buying the new sage bass series since they are under the 8' rule. With todays tiers and ideals there are some great new bass patterns to. Hey maybe Sage would sponser me LOL
take care
Ya just never know. Ole' Sage may just jump at that idea. I sold the bass boat a couple years back in prep for retirement and relocation. Those plans got delayed a couple of years, but I picked up an old tri-hull with a solid engine just to play with for the next couple of years. I've put in a front bass deck and this time I've kept the floor fairly clear of clutter and stuff to keep the fly line from tangling up on stuff. I'm even thinking of a tiller op trolling motor to keep the foot pedal off the deck as well.

Fully agree that sometime the fly catches more. Most likely because is a more realistic action and it's not something that they don't see everyday and get aclimated to.......
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