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Default Re: Which Reel Do You Take?

First of all I have many years experience fishing both the Bow and the crowsnest,both are fantastic for different reasons and both are very different.if you plan on fishing the bow anywhere near or below calgary keep in mind that it is a very large river that holds plenty of massive trout(both brown's and 'bow's)The wind near and below calgary can be a huge factor and alot of guy's use a rocket taper,If you plan on walking and wading the bow I would recomend a large arbor reel with a very trust worthy drag as almost every fish will smoke off almost all your backing,The crowsnest is a very pretty river that is not unlike most of the mountian streams in the area,except it get's alot of preasure,and that was the reason I stopped fishing it,the crowsnest is a stream not a river it is not a problem to roll cast across it in most places it amazes my how such a small stream can handle the volume of people who come from everywhere to fish it,reels on the upper crowsnest are there to hold line and that's about it,I must say I have only fished the crow from around coleman to well below the falls.oh there is one exception here,if you plan on going after bull trout in the crow your gonna want a reel with some stopping power they get huge and are very powerfull,if you want some alterative's to the crowds on the crow let me know and I can point you in the direction of some outstanding water in the rockies 20mins from coleman.......tight lines..
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