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Default Re: Muskellenge, Northern Pike or Tiger Musky?

Okay I have fished northerns, muskie, and tiger musky. I have caught alot of pike and tigers but never a pure strain(all on conventional tackle). Here are my thoughts a tiger musky is a hybrid of a pike and a musky the DNR usually stocks them because grow fast and are very catchable putting more people on the lake (just look at minnesota metro area). I think that these fish tend to follow their pike jeans more than their musky and here is why.....Unlike a pure strain tigers tend to go after smaller baits just as a pike would do. On the lake I fish for them I have caught them all on a twister tail with heavy braided line(my buddy has landed multiple 40 pluse inch fish this way) This does not mean that big musky baits cant get the job done trolling super shad raps and belivers has yeilded results. But more have been caught on bass sized crankbaits, small bucktails, and jig and grub combinations than any other method I have seen. Nextwe have pike I have caught them in canada, minnesota, and wisconsin. They I belive are the easiest to catch they seem tohave an uncontrollable predator instinct. Once again I feel form my experience that you use bass gear with a wire leader not a pure strain musky pule cue 200 pound teset and a lure with 20 trebs in it....One thing to understandabout pike that will help you immensly is understanding this smal pike tend to stay in warmer water, medium like cool, and big pike are a coldwaterfish that will come up every now and a gain to search the shallows sun its self or spawn in the spring when those shallows are cool. The way around this is look for a cold spring or creek flowing into the lake that givesthem a reason to sit shallow. Just for perspective about a year and a half ago we slammedsome giants im talking 10 30 pluseinch fish in two days with 6 inch suckers but in the summer thay only wanted smal bass sized jointed rapalas. Its more up toyour fish and body of water. Im sorry for all of my modern tackle speak I started flyfishing like a year ago after fishing that style my whole life still got that nonsense in my head. Im heading back to those lakes with my flyrod only this year!!! hope the info helps

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