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Default Re: The last few days of winter are over... spring steelhead and browns get hot!

The tribs in my neck of the woods are high (+1 1/2-2 feet over "normal") and dirty. The Spawn Sackers are doing real good as these conditions really lend themselves to this type of fishing. I think most fly fishers are staying home cause of the high water. Today (3-14) I managed to catch my 1st steelhead using a fly I tied myself. I have seen some nice northerns (30+" area) caught and the big lake suckers are starting to be caught in dip nets in the tribs. Water temp is in the upper 40's already. At this time last year it was mid 30's.
Hope water clears up some before all the fish have had enough and head back to the lake. I won't be surprised if smallies and carp start showing up in the tribs.
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