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Default Re: Sage TXL 7'10" 1wt

I have been fishing with a 0 wt three piece Sage with a Click reel for the last two seasons and I have really enjoyed the rod. The weight is very light and the casting characteristics are excellent. I use the rod on small streams like the Pecos, Jemez and the Costilla in NM. I have landed a number of “large” ~13 inches rainbows with this setup using 6 or 7x tippet. This is by far my favorite rod for small streams.

I recently picked up a 2wt Sage three piece rod at an estate sale and I put a Galvan R3 reel on it. I have only fished the rod once and it compares very favorably with the 0 wt although a little heavier with the Galvan reel. I selected the Galvan reel for the 2 wt as I hope to use this rod on some larger water later this spring and I wanted a better drag system.

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