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Default Does it upset ya......

......when ya head out into a stream or river and notice cans, old bait containers and who knows what else on the bank, or at the bottom of the creek? I have to wonder why are people so engrosed with what ever takes their mind off of natures beauty long enough to just walk off and leave the stuff lying around. Do they think this trash is just going to go away on it's own? Very puzzeled. Parents should be teaching the children to guard and protect what we have and create a GOOD habit that would effect all for yrs to come. EVERY time i wade or even go to the fishing hole to set on the bank to study the stream i always come back out of the water with my waders full of trash. I never leave the site without a walmart bag full. Get a load of this. Last yr i found an old tire down stream half burried in the sandy bottom. It was a struggle getting it out of the soil and much more of a struggle getting it up the stream and onto the bank. I left it there thinking whoever cleans the place (state public access)would take it with em when they came to empty the trash cans. Wrong. Was down again a couple of days later and it was still there. While there a state worker came down to do his fishing survey and after a discussion i went and retrieved the tire that was still lying there and attempted to put it in the state pkup. That kid didn't want any part of it and he didn't want it in his truck. That burned my backside to say the least. I sent a letter to the Ark fish and game commision telling of the event. No reply yet. Are we all doing our part? We are keepers of our streams. If we dont who will? I guess you could say i'm the type of guy that wont stand by thinking it will fix itself.
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