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Dobsonfly Whether or not the wings look tented, delta or a delta with two rounded tips is a matter of perspective. Secondly when I said Dobsonfly, I meant that in general and if I were to find one this time of year back there, it might be the Spring Fishfly, which is a Dobsonfly by some's reckoning. The Fishfly is about 1.1 to 2 inches long and if that were one it would be a female.
Fishfly Information - Scientific Name, Taxonomy and Size

The easiest method is to look for tails, and where a stonefly is more likely to have wings tented a fishfly is more likely to have them splayed open a bit when viewed from above.

I do agree that this is most likely a Little Black Stonefly as they are more plentiful and hatching back in Ohio about now.
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