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Default Re: Gartside's Soft Hackle Streamer Variants

Originally Posted by Joni View Post
May I ask the purpose of these hooks?
Absolutely! This is taken from an article I read online. Just one of many I have came across. To be honest these are my first flies on the jig hook (found them at a fly fishing show, and said what the hell!) so I am not sure how they will work out. In any case, here ya go..

"“You never gill-hook a fish as you could with a ‘J’ hook, which makes it ideal for catch-and-release fishing. Eighty percent or more of fish caught on a jig hook are hooked in the top or corner of the mouth. Also, a 60-degree jig hook will get you a much better hook set due to the lever action of the bend. As you continue to pressure a hooked fish, the angle created by the shape and the pulling of the jig hook continues to stick it farther into the fish’s mouth. In short, you can lose less fish on jig hooks. In addition the 60degree bend makes the fly ride hook point up without the use of added weight, making it weedless."

Again.. I cant say all the above is true until I try them out and I will write up a little tid bit! I just read enough to be dangerous!
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