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Default Fly Line for Sage TCR

This is actually my first post on here, but I've been a longtime lurker.

I just picked up a brand spankin' new Sage TCR 590-4 for a measly $375 (thank you TCX). I know Sage made its 110 ft. TCR Performance Taper specifically for the TCR, but I'm wondering about a couple of things:

(1) Anyone try the Performance Taper on their TCR? How did it compare to the top-flight RIO/SA/etc. lines (I don't really expect Sage to be in their league when it comes to making fly lines)? I know Sage is no longer making the PT, but I can still find some places selling it online...if it's the best thing for the rod, I can pick up a few.

(2) If the PT is not the best line, or if I'm unable to find any in the future, are the new "heavier" lines (e.g., RIO Grand) "enough" line for the rods, or is it probably just best to overline with a regular line (e.g., RIO Gold 6wt for my 5wt TCR)?

Any input you may have is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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