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Default Rod for Redfish

I am reposting this thread to this forum as I think it may be more appropriate here......

I have a trip booked for Redfish to Louisiana in June out of Sportsman's Paradise in Cocodrie (near Chauvre..spelling?). The guide in Capt. Blaine Townsend. I fished with him last August. He roccommends either an 8 or 7 weight rod. Last year I went over and under gunned at the same time. I took two rods: a 10wt BVK, and an 8 wt TiCrX, both from TFO. The 8 weight was fine, but a bit more rod than necessary, as anybody who fishes these sticks knows; the 8wt is probably more closely a 9and 1/2 weight rod. So this year i am planning a bit better....I hope.

I went to my school's football field with a bunch of rods in my arsenal: the 8wt TiCrX, a 7wt loomis Eastfork, a 7wt Loomis NRX (borrowed), an 8wt Orvis Silver label mid-flex, an 8wt March Brown, a 9wt Cortland CL, and a 7wt 10 foot JIm Teeny.

The Reds will run up to 10-12 pounds, but you have to keep them out of the reeds and brush. We will be sight casting in very shallow water, and often need to reach 80 feet or a bit more quickly......meaning minimal false casting. Capt. Blaine loves Spoon Flies, and his probably weigh 1/4 ounce give or take.

My quandry is this: of the rods listed above, I am able to get the most distance accurately from the TiCrX. The NRX casts nicely, but to my surprise, has a lot of flex....and is pretty expensive. I should note the NRX belongs to the guy taking me on the I won't be using it. I am looking for some reccommendations from the members here on what rods I should look at. Criteria: Very fast action (can't be too fast), 7wt, 9 foot, 4 piece, great warranty. I am a poor working class boy, so price will be a consideration.

Anybody got any suggestions. Right now a BVK is heading the list. Thanks in advance.

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