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Default Re: Rod for Redfish

It's very interesting to watch that fishery change...

The marsh is literally wasting away, never to return in that area...

I have never been one to prefer a "tip action" rod, while I like fast recovery, I want something that tracks better with heavier flies and loads easily for accurate casts. Many of the saltwater rods on the market today, don't match that line of thought...

Some rods I really like are:

Scott S4 908-4

Scott S4s 909-4

Orvis Helios 909-4 "I had too many of this specific model blow up for no apparent reason and would never suggest anyone buy one, their nice while they last though"

Orvis Helios 908-4 Mid-Flex Sweet rod that has caught a lot of 30+ pound Reds in its day, mainly when my 9 weight Helios sticks would break and I had to go to it as a back up. Great rod for Louisiana...

These would all be considered on the lower end of the spectrum as far as "fast" goes the way most utilize that term nowadays. Definitely what I prefer to use though and I have no issues punching the backing knot through the guides when I need to, never ran into a situation in Louisiana where anything like that was necessary...

I have cast a bunch of TFO rods and never really handled one I disliked, but I don't know exactly what models they were. Bottom line, you just need to go cast rods yourself as everyone has different taste in rods...

Good luck fishing down there!

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