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Default Re: Hello from the Gunnison Valley

Originally Posted by mcnerney View Post
Heck: Thanks, I plan to! I just moved from Laramie up to Pinedale, WY and there is lots of water there to explore. I did a few floats on the New Fork River last year but this year I plan to get in a lot more fishing. Frank clued me in on a nearby lake that has Grayling that I want to explore once the ice goes out.

You live in a very beautiful part of Colorado, be sure to post some reports of your fishing adventures on the forum. Just realize that you can't upload photos directly from your computer (virus issues). So the way to do it is to either upload your photos to a photo gallery that you create or to another online site like flickr or photobucket then link from those sites. There is a yellow rectancular icon above where you type in text for a post that has a mountain scene, click on that and then enter the URL to your photos there.

I have not yet had the chance to get up to WY but I hope to very soon; also a very beautiful country. Gunnison is a GREAT place and I plan on posting ALOT of photos, also thanks for the tip I noticed there were a few issues while uploading photos yesterday I'll try the alternative method! cheers!

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Originally Posted by mcnerney View Post
Heck: I know what you mean about not having enough time for fishing, but I only have a month or so and I will be retired, just waiting for a replacement to get hired then I will do a few days of cross training and then I will be permanently retired. I'm retired Air Force and also from the University of Alaska Fairbanks so this is my third and final retirement! Yahoo!
My grandfather was a F-1 pilot/instructor in the air force! Very cool!
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