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Default Re: FROGS on a fly?

We aren't much into eating frogs up here in New Hampshire, but keep this in mind because I have a funny story to share.

Years ago, my (then 10 years old) son, Patrick, and I were fishing on a remote hike-in pond. He'd gone downshore, and I was busy staying put and trying to see what I could fish up. Patrick was slinging a 3" floating rapala, and he was catching a few little smallies close to shore.

After a little while he starts yelling, "Dad! DAD! I caught a frog!"

I yell back, "Hey thats great, buddy, now let him go."

Patrick yelled, "But Dad, I CAUGHT a frog!"

Now I was intrigued and ran down the shore to see what he was on about. When I came up on him, he was bent over, examining something in the water. His chartreuse rapala had a frog dangling by its TONGUE, skewered by one of the treble hooks! Apparently the frog thought that rap was something good to eat and lashed out at it. Weirdest thing I ever saw.

I dislodged the hook from the frog's sticky pink tongue, and Patch let him go. We'll never forget that. Even now at the ripe old age of 29, he'll still mention it.
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