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Default Re: Steelhead success!

Originally Posted by Guy M View Post
It was snowing pretty good on the Methow River in Washington that day, not unusual. It's not a coastal river, but a tributary to the Columbia, well inland.

For years now I've been using a three-piece 8wt St. Croix rod and a Ross Reel. Nothing fancy. The line is a Rio versi-tip, I usually run one of the sink tips and a stretch of 15 pound level leader.

I tie those black & purple wooly buggers & egg sucking leeches. Can't manage to tie anything tougher than that - so thankfully the steelhead & salmon take 'em! I think this one is actually a purple egg-sucking leech, although it looks about the same as my attempts at a wooly bugger...
Ahhhh, the Methow river. I've read very interesting stuff about that river. Apparently it has a good brown & bow population also. I don't see that often; a river with andromas fish and a good trout population. The only other river I know that has that is the Destihooties, (Deschutes). Tight lines & no wind knots, lol.
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