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Default Re: East River Kokanee

still not sure if you can see the pics (tried to follow procedure) but since this salmon run is in my front/back yard I never miss it. these salmon are fighters and worth a trek if anyone is interested in locking line with one of these beautiful fish! Ill be out there next season so give me a shout if anyone is going to be in the area and wants to get into some kokanee!

also will try to get the pics up they are worth the look very beautiful fish!

i was able to get a picture on my profile of me with the small kokanee! check it out

also these fish run up the gunnison the taylor the east river and the slate river some of the best places to get into these fish is on the lower gunnison and they will be stacked up by the hundreds actually quit an amazing site to see so many of them. foul hooking is inevidible with the sheer numbers of fish that run but like what was said pull out your fly as subtle as possible to minimize your chances of doing so. It is very possible to get them to eat try a san juan worm they seemed to work well for me last season!

jeremy wynn

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