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Default Re: Is it time to get proactive ???

i swear this is the stupidest thing i have ever read. I mean catching and releasing fish does no harm to the fish. there have been scientific studies that fish dont feel pain in the lip area. If you practice proper catch and release the fish will be perfectly fine and will have the ability to reproduce. I mean PETA is taking this a little to far. hooking a cat and dragging it behind a car. are they serious. that is cruel and would kill a cat. studies show that proper catch and release does no harm. PETA fisherman are the people you should be working with. We want to improve the fisheries and the health of the fish. we love the outdoors and animals and would do nothing to harm them. We fish and hunt because its a tradition passed down from generations. If either for a hobby or for food there can be no harm from taking a kid fishing and having a good time.
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