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Default Re: pike and musky leaders

If your boys are made of steel, use 100lb Seagar leader tied directly to the fly line. This simple leader will turn over a big fly like a dry fly and disappear in the water. The only concern is that if you hook a good fish and he takes you to the bottom you could loose half your fly line that is only 30lb test.

Less brave? Tie a leader tied from 50lb, 40lb, 25lb and then a short piece of 80 or 100lb Seagar. Now you have a break away leader just in case.

I have never broke a fly line off on a bottom snag using 100lb but came close. Twice I have had a big Muskie wrap me on bottom trees. Both times I pulled straight up and both times the leader parted where the Muskie had chewed on it. Both times I felt like I was pulling 29lbs worth and I felt very lucky each time.
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