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Default Re: i may begin fly fishing... questions and advice?

hmm... ive already studied some of those knots listed.. some ive used before with the fishing gear i already have.. but those knots for tying the fly line to the backing and leader ill have to put more focus into...

so the tippet and the leader are the same? i was under the impression they were different... also, i thought the backing was so you have more than 25 feet of line in case the fish runs... to give him room to run?...

the big question i had was.. could i still use this setup for sitting back and float fishing when i feel like being lazy?... i may have to get a convertible fly/spin rod so i can carry a spare spinning reel with me so ill be able to fly, lure, and float fish without much added equipment (unless i could use lures with a fly rod/reel too, but i dont think i could

one thing i should mention... the reason $100 is my limit on a fly rod/reel, is because i was planning to get a new baitcast rod/reel, but if someone can completely sell me on buying fly-fishing gear instead, and can reassure me i can use it for multiple types of fishing while i get used to the setup, casting techniques and flies.. then id be willing to spend $100 on the reel alone... ive heard some people say the pflueger trion was nice...

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i forgot to ask what weight am i looking at?.. 5/6, 7/8?... i heard lines up to 7wt have about a 20lb breaking strength where 8 and above have about a 30lb... so what does the line weight actually mean if it has nothing to do with breaking strength?
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