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Default Tapering bodies ??'s

I have a terrible time tapering the body of a fly when I wrap with lead wire. It always winds up bulky and simply never looks right.

I want to tie some brassie style flies with embroidery floss I picked up. The colors are awesome but as I said, I can not get a good taper.

Here is what i plan to use if it helps solve my issues:
Embroidery floss over lead wire wraps for the body
Some sort of tail on some of them, pheasant or other
Peacock herl heads
Maybe some pheasant or biots for legs/wings on a few of them
Don't care what style hook, I have many styles and more on the way.

Most will be plain without tails or legs but want to tie a few just in case the fish seem to be picky and want something more realistic.
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