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Default Re: i may begin fly fishing... questions and advice?

so.. its ok for me to float/still fish with this setup as long as i still cast the old fashioned way?... if i have a spare spool with nothing but monofilament or braided line could i use the fly reel to cast the old fashioned way for lure or bait fishing? this way i wouldnt need to bring a spinning setup with me on fishing trips

anyway... about a reversible rod... i figured out how to make one... you assemble the handle as one piece.. with a small piece of metal tubing through the center of the handle and reel seat... long grip, real seat, short grip.. then a female ferrule inside each end... then measure that length, minus about an inch onto the rod blank, cut that amount off, then glue a male ferrule over the rod blank.... or, if its a blank with many pieces, just replace the lowest grip section with the new removable grip without having to cut the rod

then when you have the long grip on the bottom, it works like a spinning rod, pop the grip off, flip it upside down and pop it back on and its a fly rod

hows that idea sound?... also, if i end up building the rod, i would by the reel seperately... best value under $100 for a fly reel alone? preferable around the $75 mark?

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anyway... i was looking at the breaking strength of lines.. it says the core used in anything up to 7wt has a breaking strength of about 20lbs... anything above has a breaking strength of about 30 so breaking strength doesnt matter..

im guessing line weight is the actual weight of the line.. therefor a lighter line is better for learning how to cast, and a heavier line is better for distance and strength?.. but with carp no smaller than 24 inches, and an abundance of pike, walleye, and bowfin with the need to cast a bit of distance, perhaps 8wt is best?
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