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Default Re: 3wt Help.

It depends on how far you want/need to cast. Bigger flies can be cast shorter ranges. I typically fish flies from size 8 and smaller with such rods. Bushy, wind resistant flies require more effort than sparser, streamlined patterns.

You can fish a #10 cork, deer hair, or foam popper very easily with a 3 weight.

#10 bushy dry flies are no problem for me either.

A big factor in fishing these flies is the right leader and tippet combo. You don't need anything more than a 7 foot leader for panfish with a 3 weight.

I typically fish 4X tippet for most fishing, 5X when I go to dry flies or small wets/nymphs from size 14 and smaller. I rarely have to step down to 6X unless I am trout fishing with very, very small flies.

I don't normally bump up to 3X with a light rod either - heck, I rarely fish 3X tippet on my 6 weight - only when fishing heavier flies in the size 4-8 range, depending on the fly. A 4X tippet for a #8 woolly bugger is good for me.

Are there any specific rods you're looking at? How much are you looking to spend?
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