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Originally Posted by angelo1987 View Post
Hey man thank's for the reply, Just thinking about getting something cheap for gill fishing thinking about getting the Cabela's TQR/Prestige Plus Fly Combo 7'6'' 3wt nothing fancy
The TQR rods are nice for a rod around a hundred bucks. If you wanted to save even more cash - the Three Forks 7'6" 3 weight is a good inexpensive rod - perfectly suited to bluegill and panfish. The rod itself is half the price of the TQR, with a similar action (the TQR is lighter and feels a bit smoother than current production Three Forks rods though)

You might also look at the Wright & McGill S-Curve Gen 2 rods - I've got a 7' 2 weight WMG that I'm really pleased with so far. It handles #2 or 3 lines very well, more of a medium-slow action rod than the faster action of the TQR rods. I haven't hooked up with a fish with it yet, but fished with it and it's such a sweet caster. It'll make a great bluegill rod for small poppers and dry flies.
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