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Default Fished St. Vrain yesterday, forgot my camera--ughh!

Went to fish the St. Vrain river for a couple of hours yesterday. Parked the car and walked to the river (small really for those of you that haven't seen it). Realized when I got there that I didn't have my camera, but decided not to walk 5 minutes back to the car b/c I just wanted to start fishing, and b/c I usually only catch 6-8" trout here.

My first cast into a little pool I caught a 17" brown....second cast into the same pool I caugh at 16" brown. Surprised that both of these were in the same 4x4 pool. Both of these were on on my 000 wt txl. Certainly the biggest fish I've caught on that rod and a ton of fun. A great way to end March. Looking forward to a little more runoff to increase the flows.

I won't make the camera mistake again.


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