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Default Re: Simms customer service

I've heard lots of great stories of simms customer service on the internet.
I wish I could report mine with the same glowing loyalty.

I sent them a pair of well worn (out?) waders hoping there was a chance they could squeeze some more life into them.
About two weeks later I saw I missed a call and had a voicemail that someone from simms wanted to talk to me about my waders. It took another 2 weeks of me calling, emailing and filing comments through the website before I could get someone to call me back and tell me they couldn't actually help me but would gladly chuck (or recycle maybe?) my waders for me.
I said hell no send em back (they showed up with a shiny new simms catalog) and patched them myself and got another month out of them and retired to backups.

I wasn't disappointed that they couldn't fix them but did feel a little let down by the lack of communication and how slow everything took. When it came time to replace the waders I decided to vote with my wallet and try a different non-simms option and I have been happy.

I figure my experience wasn't the norm since Simms doesn't seem to have trouble selling all the 700 dollar waders they can make.
The other high end company I have dealt with (Patagonia) was a completely different experience and as a result I will gladly spend my money on their products when I feel like I can afford it.

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