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Default Re: Fishing the Southern Coastal area of California

Hi fellas.

Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I was expecting the forum to notify me of any replies but I've probably got it set up incorrectly. I'll examine my setting later.

We'll be arriving in San Diego on the 13th of May and leaving San Francisco on the 19th. I know it's not a lot of time but what we want to do is just get a "taste" of the West Coast and we're going to drive the 500 miles to SFO during the week. We'll just do about 100 miles a day, stopping here and there. We're really not interested in sitting in once place for very long. We'll probably drive up Rodeo drive just to gawk but will be on Route 1 ASAP. Once there, we'll stop at some of the little towns but try to stay on that route as long as possible. We'll grab hotels on the way although we do have two nights booked for San Diego when we arrive, just in case we decide to explore a little.

I was hoping to find some fly fishing along the way. I've done some research and found that there are some streams along side of the road that we might take advantage of. But, If I could locate a local guide for at least a 1/2 day I'd be a happy boy. I figure that during the week there aren't make takers.

Thanks for the info you've provided. I'm up for any suggestions. I know that there is a lot of area that we'll just be driving by that would be interesting to see but understand that we'd really just like to see the countryside for the most part.

BTW, the last time I was in LAX was when I was 5. I've got a photo of me standing right next to Walt Disney himself at the park when it just opened! My family stayed in the area while we prepared for our move to Hawaii for a couple of years right after that. I'll bet things have changed a bit since then!!LOL

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