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Default Re: Simms customer service

Originally Posted by Hardyreels View Post
I sent my waders back for a 2 year check up and put a delivery confirmation on the partial. It was delivered on March 2, or there abouts. I am not in panic mode here but after 2 weeks I did make 3 calls to see if I could keep track of what was happening.

My concern stemmed from the fact that I was requesting the neoprene booties be replaced with a slightly larger foot. Because of this I wanted to see if I could ascertain the progress. It is always disturbing when you leave voice mail on several occasions and receive no replies................

So far it looks as if JCW and I are isolated incidents of disgruntled customers.

Not just you two. Although it's not stopping me from most likely buying another pair of simms wading boots.

On the flip side I emailed Justin@Allen with a warranty question and I got a helpful answer in under 20 minutes! Hard to not sound like a shill after service like that.

I'll keep buying Simms gear when I can justify it. The quality is definitely there but it seems like Simms is a company that has built a reputation on CS and dealer network. One specific recent business decisions makes you worry they have strayed from those roots. More power to them I suppose, the mighty dollar speaks loudest, especially in this economy.

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