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Default Re: Beginner: Different technique for slow rod?

Thanks for the reply.
I definitely need to work on my timing and naturally some casts are better timed than others but I hope that I'll get more consistent with practice.

I didn't really think of the timing of power application causing the tailing loops. Maybe that's why things got better when I started snapping my wrist at the end of the cast. Next time I'm out I'll try smoother application of power without wrist and see what happens. (I'll also try and watch the path of my hand to try and compensate for the rod tip deflection).

What do you guys think is best; Should I start with shorter casts for practice and gradually extend how far I go based on what I can manage easily, or, should I use the length of line where things start going wrong right off the bat so that I am forced to optimize my technique right away?

The rod is actually a Lamiglass - does that mean that my casting is even worse than I feared?
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