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Default Re: Beginner: Different technique for slow rod?

It's also important to understand that there is no one "right" tempo for the casting stroke. As you increase the line length outside the rod tip, you MUST increase the pause time between back and forward casts. The fly line can not go two directions at the same time. When you make a back cast, you have to pause just long enough to let the loop unfold so that the line is going straight back behind you before you move the rod (and the line) forward through the forward cast. Likewise, you must pause long enough in the forward stroke to allow the loop to unfold before you make another back cast.

Those pauses need to vary depending on the line speed that your stroke and the particular rod you're using are generating, and they also need to vary with the amount of line you have airborne. With only a few feet of line out, there will be little-to-no pause needed. But when you get 30', 40', 50' of line in the air, then your casting strokes need to get a little longer and the pauses between strokes need to increase accordingly.

Try to develop a feel for it rather than thinking about a certain tempo. When your loop travels all the way to the end of your tippet and the line goes fully straight out, you will feel a very light tug on the rod tip. THAT is the best time to change directions with your rod. If you also learn to add in a little "haul" in the split second after that little tug (both directions), then you will start to see better line speed and tighter loops.

Once you get the feel, you can cast tight loops in the dark.
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