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Default which ross evolution??

i know ive been beatting you guys to death about this and youve all been great answering all my dumb questions.. but did you know youv already saved me over 500 dollars from makeing mistakes and buying equipment that I dont need. keep up th good work.!!!! each person has his/her own needs and some of us dont need expensive equipment, but i want good equipment.. so on to the evolution series.. i can get a 3 or 3 1/2. the three seems to hold plenty of backing even 35 lb dacron for an alaska trip.the brochure says 175 pounds 20 lb test with number 6 when im going to use number 7 weight. the 3 1/2 holds 200 yards withnumber 7 line.. and is an 1/8 inch larger and weighs 1/4 ounce more... i guess the bottom line is can i put a number three on a #8 or #9 pole and take it to alaska? for a backup i can take the old workhorse a number 10 scientific angler from the early 70s.. its a paul drag but iv used it for quite a few steel head in seattle area and it works fine.. so back to the three and three 1/2.. the weight is hardly any differeence, and alaska would be a one week deal in a lifetime.. i really cant see why i should get the larger of the two unless you guys have some reason why i should get the 3 1/2..... ok enough rambling.. dave.
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